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Calculate Cash Flow | Definition and Formula

   Cash flow is a measure of the net inflow of cash over a given period (usually one year or one month). If the cash flow is positive, economists speak of a cash inflow or a cash inflow. In the reverse case, there is talk of a cash outflow or a negative cash flow. The […]

Revolving Credit: What It Is, How It Works, New Rules and Tips

   The Revolving Facility is an alternative to credit card users for emergency situations, where there is the need to pay a smaller amount to the total bill. It is something more common than one imagines and, unfortunately, there is a great ignorance on the subject, which causes a financial descontrole, and can even generate […]

Insurance for Families – Financial Partner Blog – News and News from the Financial World

  Insurance for the family should be of interest to you at the latest after the birth of your first child. However, it is best to inform yourself in advance and take a close look at your previous insurances. Because with your new role as a parent, your need for hedging and provisioning changes . […]

Christmas Gifts: Tips for Saving – Good Credit

    Christmas is approaching and, with the tradition of Christmas gifts, saving is one of the main challenges. After all, the festive atmosphere and the excitement of buying presents favors high expenses, is not it? It sounds silly, but even the memories at the end of the year for family and friends can compromise […]

Creditworthiness: what factors determine it?

  Answer: If you are considered creditworthy by a bank , it means that you are likely to repay a loan that you have taken out. The creditworthiness depends on various factors, but all are influenced and more or less clearly visible. Factor 1: income Of course, your personal income is elemental. That should be […]

Which Form Of Mortgage Lending Makes Sense For Me? Security Loan

    Answer: To clarify which type of loan you should choose to finance your property, briefly introduce the most common types. As a rule, you take out a so-called annuity loan. Here, the monthly installments remain unchanged during the entire repayment term. Furthermore, long fixed interest periods of 20 years are quite common. The […]